The Glass Palette is an Interactive Glass Art Studio

FUSING and SLUMPING (Kiln-forming)

Fusing is the process of combining compatible pieces of glass in a creative pattern and firing them in a kiln at 1450 degrees until the glass melts together. Afterwards, the glass can be refired at a lower temperature and “slumped” into a mold to form a wide variety of shapes.
The variations produced in each process create limitless possibilities of color and form.
Fusing and slumping can be done on a walk-in basis as well as during prescheduled classes. You design and assemble your piece, and we fire it. It will be ready for pick-up in a few days! Or, sign up for a class and learn how to cut and manipulate the glass to create a variety of objects and effects!

BEAD MAKING (Lampworking):

Glass beads are created by melting glass rods and forming the glass into a desired shape around a metal rod called a mandrel. The shape and color of handmade beads is only limited by each artists’ imagination! We teach bead making on an introductory level, where no glassworking experience is required. Each student will have their own workstation, and class size is limited to ensure adequate attention to each student. Students will learn to create beads using an open torch flame to melt glass and manipulate it into artful shapes, forms and textures. The final objective is for the student to have the basic knowledge and techniques for lampwork bead making, with which they can grow and expand in the directions they choose!


Stained and mosaic glass techniques are ancient art forms which span history, and were popularized in the modern era by artists such as Tiffany and LaFarge. An explosion of interest in the last 30 years has given rise to many new and imaginative forms of this art. New technologies and the growing interest in art glass as a hobby craft have all lead to what is being called “a new golden age in glass.” New artists are combining, creating and developing unique new forms and styles every day.
Our classes teach students how to cut glass, create interesting designs which are appropriate for each technique, and how to assemble their designs using the copper foil technique (for stained glass) or mosaic grout.

SANDBLASTING (Sand Etching or Carving):

Sandblasting glass can create a design that is as simple or as detailed as the artist wishes. A resist is applied to the glass and the exposed areas of your design become frosted or carved out by the sand. By exposing additional areas of your design and performing multiple blasts, it is possible to create depth, shading and texture.
Sandblasting is available in the studio on a walk-in basis, or during prescheduled classes. Pre-made plates, bottles, and other items are available for use, and pre-cut stickers can be used to form a design. You can also create your own design using vinyl resist. We do the etching for you, and you can take your piece home the same day! Or, sign up for a class and learn how to use the sandblaster and create depth by designing for multiple blasts.


Create your own glass earrings, pendants, broaches, bracelets, etc…
Learn how to cut and assemble glass pieces for use in jewelry, and how to make unique glass cabachons for use with Precious Metal Clay. PMC is 99% pure silver in a soft clay base which can be formed into any shape you wish using clay shaping tools. After the piece is formed and then fired in the kiln, the clay has burned off and you’re left with a beautiful piece of silver and glass jewelry.